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Continuously focused on renewing payment solutions and how you bank, FinCodes centers on updating the way you pay, get paid and interact with your bank accounts 24/7.

As an international company, FinCodes keeps you connected to your funds and baking services at any hour, in any country, any day of the year! With the consumer and professional in mind, ongoing research occurs in the background leading to many divisions offering a variety of digital payments that aim at simplifying the way our lives are digitized.

Our Products

Offering our customers, a new way to pay, ALTROpay is a prestigious online payments portal that refines any bank nuisances with a single solution for multiple payments. Whether an online customer or business, ALTROpay has an efficiently accessible solution for payments, savings and withdrawals. Go to website is proud to announce a new AML\KYC solution Using sophisticated AI we are to provide a new KYC and AML Monitoring Making online onboarding easier and safer Go to website
“Our mission is to create and give access to international and simplified digital payment solutions that will ease the way we pay online.”

The Fincode Family

FinCodes was founded by a group of young and driven personalities to create a digital payment solution for every person that needed it. The FinCodes family strongly believes in the potential of people and the desire to grow but realized early on that these desirers were met with limitations particularly in a sphere that they could help with. Essentially this family went on to create a platform for all users to enter the fintech-sphere where they could bank digitally without the restrictions they had faced before Accumulating some of the smartest minds and innovative disrupters, the FinCodes family is united in the mission to create a digital payment solution that is constantly evolving and simplifying global payments.
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  • Elad Cohen
    Elad Cohen
    CEO and Founder
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    Vera Bogoeva
    Co Founder

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